Happy Birthday Blog!

It is hard to believe, UrbanChiqueNess, A City Girl’s Guide to Style, is celebrating it’s 1st Birthday. Wow, how time flies when you are blogging! Nearly 200 posts and 20,000 new cyber friends later, the day has come to toast to one year. Good excuse to divulge in a Chrysanthemum cupcake or two, right?


But honestly, I am feeling overwhelmed by the love and support from all around the web over the last 12 months. What was meant to be just a platform for me to share my trends and tips on all things “Chique” has ultimately, become much, much more. It is a fantastic marketing tool to gain new clients, a venue where I can voice my opinions and a safe place to document the most precious moments with my family. It is truly, an all encompassing “lifestyle” diary that hopefully inspires others.

Originally, I was focused on fashion and style and ironically, the most popular post was this one about our recycled crayon craft. Who would have guessed? So, as I plan for 2013, I will continue to toss in a little sprinkle of crafty with, of course, a healthy dose of “Chique”. So look out for more posts that hit your sweet spot!

Lastly, I want to shout out a loud “thank you” to all my readers, friends, family and supporters for visiting, commenting, engaging and sharing my ideas.  I am ready to dive into the deeper waters and my goal is to gather partners, sponsors & advertisers, as well as treat my readers to a few giveaways of sort.  Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday Cupcake

If you are interested in supporting the blog please email me at erika@urbanchiqueness.com for packages and rates. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, stay “Chique”. Now it’s time to nibble on that delicious looking dessert!

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  1. I have had a lot of inspiration over the years but your “Chique” ideas are the best. Happy Birthday. Looking forward to many more. love you xo mom

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