Happy Father’s Day: My “Chique” Italian Dad

As we approach the special day for all the Dad’s out there, it only seems appropriate for me to celebrate my own Father! A man who I will always look up to, no matter how old I am or how wise I think I am, my Dad always knows best. The phrase “Once a Daddy’s girl, always a Daddy’s girl” rings very true in our family. My Dad definitely spoiled us when we were kids, but most importantly, it wasn’t just with material things, he also showered us with tons of love and attention. He was always “present” no matter what the occasion.

Not only is he loving, generous, hardworking and extremely loyal, my Dad was and still is the “Chiquest” man in town. I will tell you that he always had the latest fashions. In the 60’s he was the perfect “Mad Man”, but as soon as the 70’s rolled around he was right there in the bell bottoms. But, even in the height of his hippy days, I can guarantee you those shirts are all silk, not polyester. I still can’t get over how he adapted perfectly to each era. Mind you, I refrained from scanning in any pictures from the 80’s, when he decided to grow a mustache and perm his hair. Use your imagination, it was not a good look!

More importantly, I am certain that after fathering two young girls, my Dad was quite happy to welcome in not just one, but 3 Grandsons and a baby Granddaughter! For him, age is just a number. One of the reason’s why we love him so much, is that he is a kid at heart. Not that the three-wheeled motorbikes, battery operated cars, bicycles, tire swings and vintage cars were not appreciated by my sister and I, as we have photos to prove it, but there is something extra special seeing my Dad share these things with our boys. Truly, priceless and again, not sure if it is him or the boys who love his toys more!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! I love you with all my heart. So, in your honor, here is a tribute to you, my very “Chique” Sicilian Father, in all your glory!

Wow, look at the hair, on both of us. Yes, I was born a brunette!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. Diggin’ the cross necklace and the “not” polyester shirt!

Daddy and his little girl!

Daddy and his two little girls!

We sure do love our daddy!

Stylin’ as always!

Daddy and his two favorite things, other than his girls. His cottage and his corvette!

Classic Peter Turg!

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