“Chique” Tip: Nurture & Nature

Sam is a land tortoise who has been a room “pet” at The Ancona School for over 40 years.  Both Parker & PJ have been lucky enough to be in room 103 where Sam has lived most recently. Today I had the fortunate task of cleaning Sam’s cage. But, because the teachers take such good care of him it was easier than expected. I love volunteering in the classroom even if it is a “dirty” job.  Watching the kids in action is well worth it!
First, I gave him a little bath in his bucket of warm water while we removed all the old wood chips and food. Sam is very particular when it comes to his meals.  He only likes bananas every other day, collard greens, dandelion leaves or red grapes!  Can you tell by his appetite that he has been spoiled over the years? We decided to add sand below the wood chips so he could bury himself. He also needs a quiet space so the Kindergartners and I decorated his little cardboard box with leaves from the playground.  After his sponge bath he happily returned to his clean cage with fresh water, collard greens and a new cozy camouflage cave!
Sam’s a happy camper and the kids had a blast.  Learning about nature, caring for animals and nurturing the world around you is just one amazing element of the Montessori classroom.





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