More “Chique” DIY Dip Dye

With summer in full gear and as the temperature rise, some of my go to items in my wardrobe are my strapless maxi dresses. They are so easy, I just pull them on and I am ready. Nothing to think about except to throw on a few accessories. They are “Chique”, cool and comfortable for those hot summer days.

There is one in particular that I bought last year at Forever 21 that I had only worn once last year in Florida. I liked it, but I just didn’t love it. In fact, the one night I wore it we were lucky enough to spot dolphins in near the shoreline, so we all ran out into the surf in our clothes. Ironically, the dress looked cooler as it soaked up the water, like a ombre effect.

I recently ran across some of those island photos and had a great idea. As some of you know from previous posts like this one, I am crazy about dipping fabrics in bleach and doing reverse tie dye in a light bleach solution. So on one of those occasions, I decided to try to create that ombre effect on my turquoise dress. I mixed a light bleach and water solution in a plastic tub. Be sure to wet the entire item first. Then, I soaked the bottom of the dress in the mixture for about 30 minutes; then added a bit more of the dress for about 15 minutes and finally I just dipped the top half of it in the water & bleach for just a few minutes. I could see the colors changing before my eyes! After rinsing it out thoroughly and washing it on the gentle cycle, voila: my new “Chique” maxi! Now, I wear it all the time.

What do you think? ¬†Cool, huh? Not only do I adore this dress, but we can’t get enough of this new Pilsen mural. The colors and shapes are extraordinary. We saw the artists spray painting it just the other day, so we couldn’t resist using it as the background for our mini shoot. Photo credits go to PJ and Parker, my in house photographers! Until next time, stay “Chique”.

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