My “Chique” Bike Basket

You may remember from my Instagram posts that I bought a vintage “Sonic Flyer” bike to knock around on in the city. We cleaned it up, polished off the years of rust, yet it was still missing something. I needed an accessory to make it my own. I know, predictable, but at least I am consistent!

Many of you know my little sister Heidi is uber crafty and creative. Lately, she has been whipping up all sorts of creations with duct tape. Who knew you could make wallets, bags & totes from printed tape? She made my niece Petra a super “Chique” basket for her little scoot bike. As soon as I saw the pic, I exclaimed, “I need one of those for my new bicycle!”. So a few weeks later along with some other fabulous treasures, my new duct tape bike basket arrived in the mail. Cute, right?

I love the mix of prints, patterns and colors. ┬áIt definitely adds a little life to my vintage ride! She wanted to put handles on it, but I don’t think it is necessary. I just secured it to the handlebars with plastic zip ties.

I haven’t attempted any DIY crafts with duct tape, but after seeing how cute this turned out, I may have to rethink it, as the possibilities are endless. Actually, now, I think I need two more as liners for the metal basket on the back of my bike. Not sure what I will be toting around with me on my new wheels, but at least I will look “Chique”.

P.S. I think she should start selling them on Etsy. Don’t you think?

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    1. @frances…my sister made it, but I think you could find out how by searching the web. I am sure there are some tutorials! I know she used a recycled fed ex envelope as the base and just used her favorite print tapes. Good luck. xo E

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