My “Chique” Birthday Suit

Are most of you tired of hearing about my birthday celebrations? I have really milked it for longer than usual this year, so I think by now everyone in my family has declared my party as officially over. Well, until tomorrow night when we have plans to toast with two more friends who escaped the city this weekend because of all the NATO madness.

I am feeling very grateful for all the well wishes, thoughtful messages, gracious gifts as well as my an amazing friends and loyal family. It all made my birthday a truly memorable one. Part of my commitment to my friends and family was to attempt to unplug during the festivities, so therefore, I didn’t take a tons of photos; I laid off the Facebook posts and took a step back from Instagram.

Just spending quality time enjoying the special people in my life was priceless.  But, luckily my girlfriend inconspicuously shot a few candid pics, so at least I have some footage of the big night out.  Not to mention, some good photos of my outfit.

I must say, every time, I put on these vintage YSL black wide leg pleated pants, I feel divine!  They were given to me by a friend years ago and honestly, they are one of my most prized wardrobe possessions. Thanks, Edye, do you remember these?! I paired them with a vintage ruffle sheer Prada blouse that I bought years ago. Back when I first wore it, showing your midriff was in style, but two babies later I only bare my belly in a bikini, not on date night!  So this top is a perfect complement to the YSL pants, because they are so high waisted.  Smokey eyes, nude lips, my walnut cuff and vintage Jimmy Choo heels seal the deal; my “Chique” Birthday suit was born!

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