My “Chique” Dream Jean

I am sorry, but these pants deserve a post of their own.  My sister, Heidi, is the ultimate super sleuth when it comes to shopping.  She just recently discovered that our favorite patchwork Free People jeans were on sale in stores for only $39! Yes, my friends, under forty dollars. My mother may disagree, but how could we resist? In fact, we both bought a pair!

I will admit they do fit a little weird as the boyfriend cut has a modified paper bag waist, but that didn’t stop me. Thank you Free People for making my day. My “Chique” dream jean arrived in the mail today. You may never see me in any other denim. Feels like Christmas in November. I am obsessed. Think I am crazy, talk to my sister!

Put them on immediately, with a simple shrug, my Gypsy Hawk horn necklace and pulled out an old fringe bag to complete the boho “Chique” look. My new uniform. What’s your favorite look these days?

P.S. I love this Pilsen patchwork street mural almost as much as my pants!

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