My “Chique” Friend

What a day! What a week! As some of you know by my birthday greetings, I always encourage my friends and family to indulge on their special day. So, I have been practicing what I preach. Indulging in the little things: walks with the dogs, ice cream with the boys, a massage with my husband, a facial and next up a manicure pedicure. And it’s not even my big day until tomorrow. Why not start the party early and extend it into the days ahead? Birthday’s are meant to be cherished. It doesn’t mean tons of expensive gifts or extravagant dinners. What’s more important the memories or the possessions?

Tonight, I was given a spontaneous birthday gift: time with one of my sweetest childhood friends. Mind you, we have been trying to get together for over a year and life keeps getting in the way. So finally, we made it happen. It may have only been one hour in between all of our other commitments, but regardless, it was no less extraordinary. Laura has been in my life for nearly 3o years, but we haven’t seen each other in over a decade. The minute I laid eyes on her, it was as if time had never passed. We drank, we reminisced, we caught up, we laughed, we philosophized, we cried and we certainly won’t let another ten years go by before we meet again.

I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to reflect on a friendship that ignited when we were merely gangly silly schoolgirls and yet, the friendship has stood the test of time. See Mom, I do have good judgement when it comes to picking my friends (well most of them)! But in all seriousness, it never ceases to amaze me that the bonds of childhood can continue into adulthood. Not to mention Laura is a sensational, talented and creative artist. Check out some of her work below. I am so proud to call her my friend. Cheers to one of the “Chiquest” girls I know.

All images are original works from Haute Handed. Check out more here.

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