My “Chique” Mama

Today as I am being honored and spoiled by my two precious boys, I have to remember that I, too, am lucky to have the most amazing mother in the world. And even as an adult I still feel the need to keep my her in arms reach. I can’t even imagine my life without her. Happy Mother’s Day to my role model, fashion icon, best friend, confidant, hero-my Mother.

We always knew you were an unbelievable mom, but it doesn’t get much better than seeing you in this new role as a caring and nurturing Gramma. Cheers to the “Chiquest” lady we know. Happy Mother’s Day Mama, we love you from the bottom of our hearts!

I wish you still had those pants! The bag is fab too.

Can we talk about the Hunter House bag, I was two!? What is up with my outfit? But, I am digging your halter dress & sunnies!

I am loving our matching dresses, but your new hairdo is the bomb!

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  1. this post makes me so happy! you and your mama and quite the stylin’ pair! i found myself getting lost in your blog today 🙂 thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

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