“Chique” Tip: Who is Your Style Icon?

As summer approaches so does my need to acquire a new “identity”.  I consider myself a trendsetter with a contemporary flair.   What I adore about the Holobi system is that it gives our clients the ability to discover their own personal style.  Not only do we define your shape but we help you uncover your own best assets and determine a fashion style that fits your personality.  We even take it one step further as we create a “Style Statement” based on you desired image qualities.

Are you able to embrace your body’s best features?
How would you rate your body image?
Can you list 5 internal traits of which you are the proudest?

If you had trouble answering any of these questions you would benefit most from a personal stylist.  It is more about self-confidence, finding your own brilliance and feeling complete than it is about the clothes.  We can help peel away the layers to reveal your “true self”.  Even as a stylist, I find the need to revisit my “Style Statement” regularly.  I want to project a modern, elegant yet unique image.

As the heat rises and the days are longer, I hope to embrace summer with the unexpected.  I find inspiration from street style, fashion magazines and more recently my own Mother, my style icon.  My mom has always maintained an amazing sense of self throughout the decades.  Especially this season as the looks of the 70’s are making a comeback, I have found some amazing items in her closet; vintage designer scarves, handbags and jewelry that complement the current trends.  I can’t wait to channel my mom and wear a fabulous head scarf; it is a chic, distinctive way to spice up a casual look.

I posted a few pictures of myself this summer at the beach with my bohemian head wrap so please  comment on whether or not you think it fits my “unique, elegant yet modern” image that I hope to portray.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Until next time, find your style.

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