My new “Chique” Vintage Tee

I have been on a mad hunt for vintage 70’s & 80’s concert tees. I scour the thrift store racks. I sift through tons of shirts at Salvation Army. Every once in awhile I score. Score. Big time.

The t-shirt I wore on Friday night was from a Goodwill store in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. In fact, I gave my mom the job of looking through the short sleeve tees that day. She didn’t find anything. Nothing, really? Mom, you know I love you anyway.

Just in case, I decided to check. This gem was amongst the junk, just waiting for me to buy it for a mere $1. Seriously? An authentic, no seam on the side, vintage Rolling Stones concert tee, worn with love and a little torn, is priceless. And now it’s mine.


How would you know if it is a real vintage t-shirt? A Vintage store owner recently told me that you can spot an original 70’s or 80’s concert tee because they are woven in one piece. A reproduction will have a side seam from the armpit. Also, there is sometimes a trademark symbol under the logo or artwork. Usually, the old tag or soft fabric is also an indication if I have really scored! Next time you are thrifting keep this in mind.


On to the fun part. How to style it. As you know, it is all about how you put it together. I wore it with a pair of distressed thrifted denim, a faux fur vest and pointy toe heels with a crystal charm necklace and my sisters Hummer belt.


Rock ‘n Roll “Chique” at it’s finest, right? My tribute┬áto the Rolling Stone’s 50th Anniversary. How would you wear it? Would love to hear your thoughts.DSC_1342_Local

P.S. I apologize for featuring a pic of me flipping the bird. My photographer (a.k.a my husband) was making naughty jokes, so naturally, I gave him the finger. Little did I know, it would be one of my favorite shots. My PG-13 blog has entered a new level, but all in good, clean fun. Just keepin it real, my friends.

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