“Chique” Tip: Tidy up Your Cords

Everyone seems to think I take after my mother and there are probably over 100 reasons why, but for the sake of brevity I will focus on just one trait at the moment.  We both have a deep desire for a neat and tidy home.  Everything has its place.  In my house the dishes are clean, the counters are wiped and the coffee maker is on timer every night before bed.   I may be on the verge of being obsessive compulsive but if you look under my couch you’ll find that it is not the case.  I still have other things that rank higher than dusting the corners.  But when it comes to my kitchen, I like to open my cupboards without stuff falling out. My sister makes fun of me but I do love to merchandise my refrigerator.  So one day while cooking my mom couldn’t believe that the cord of my mixer wasn’t tightly wound and secure by an old toilet paper roll?  In her dismay, she immediately dug up an old recycled paper towel roll and cut a piece big enough to fit the floppy cord.  But then, my obsessive nature kicked in and I could not, in my right mind, display the plain, frayed cardboard roll.  So, I proceeded to find some cute tissue paper (leopard, of course, being my favorite), some Mod Podge and a paint brush.  Voila, my embellished cord holder.  So today, while baking cookies for my girlfriend who just had a baby, I couldn’t help but think of my mom and her brilliant idea!

DIY Cord Holder

Modge Podge Glue
Old Paint brush
Recycled Cardboard Roll
Tissue Paper

Simply brush the surface of the toilet roll (you could make two or three with a paper towel roll, just cut to your desired size) with a coat of Modge Podge then wrap the toilet roll with a layer of your favorite tissue paper. Fold edges in and secure with more glue. Apply another layer of glue over the tissue. Add more layers if you want a more opaque look rather than a sheer color. I did two layer of leopard print tissue paper. Let dry and fold cords into the new holder!

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