Our “Chique” Furry Baby’s Birthday

Today is our sweet angel dog Spike’s 13th birthday. Well, for those of you know our crazy hounds, Snoopy, the purebred Beagle, is usually the one who gets a bad rap for barking uncontrollably and the occasional pee on my favorite skin rug, but Spike wasn’t always the angelic one.  One mattress, two couch pillows and a few pairs of shoes later, luckily, Spike eventually grew out of his naughty digging & chewing phase.  Now he just burrows under the covers with us peacefully!

I can’t believe how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we adopted our furry baby. Wow, in dog years that makes him 91 years young today! I feel bad because we didn’t bake him a special cake like we did last year, as it was such a crazy weekend. Maybe we will do a double dog party in August for Spike & Snoopy while we are on vacation. So to make up for it, I gave him a few banana slices in his breakfast and maybe I will spoil him with a petite filet tonight!

He may be 91 in dog years, but he still likes a good run on the beach, he plays guard dog pretty well (except when he barks at the nice children walking by) and I can count on one hand the night’s he hasn’t slept with me. Happy Birthday to the “Chiquest” most loyal, loving pup in the whole world. We love you Spikey!


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  1. How can I let my favorite Granddog’s 91st Birthday pass without a Happy Birthday wish. He is the best. Hope you get a “puppy massage” today. I wish I could give you one. Miss you Spikey!!

    Gramma & Papa

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