Our “Chique” Mother’s Day

Yesterday, will go down as one of the best Mother’s Day celebrations to date. The morning started off with the boys showering me with sweet homemade cards, delicious treats and lots of pampering and then we headed over to our friend’s house for a decadent dinner. My girlfriend Cynthia really knows how to throw a party; seriously, she is the most gracious and gorgeous hostess, I have ever met. No detail is left untouched, as the champagne was flowing, the tablescape was beyond “Chique” and the food was out of this world, care of our dear friend Donald, chef extraordinaire.

What made it special and memorable was much more than the physical beauty, but the genuine friendships, the interesting conversations and the heartfelt toasts. Even the kids wrote a special poem about their mom’s, which, of course, evoked many laughs and tons of joyful tears! I was feeling so grateful to be surrounded by such loyal, generous, confident and creative people.

Honestly, if someone had told me five years ago that the¬†acquaintances¬†who were merely the “parents of my kids classmates” would blossom into my most cherished friends, I wouldn’t have believed them. There was so much strength, wisdom and beauty all in one room it was overwhelming. Better yet, the husbands get along famously as well. Such infectious energy and good karma amongst us all. One of my favorite college quotes, “I love Us”, seems to have evolved from a warm greeting into a phrase that has a deeper and more sincere meaning. Cheers friends, you are the definition of “Chique”!

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