Our “Chique” Wedding

Stop the press, there must be a mistake. It can’t possibly be that Matt & I were married 13 years ago today? It was the 90’s people, 1999 to be exact. How crazy! I must say, that after “scanning” in all of these pictures, I am proud to say they are not screaming 1999, as witnessed by some of the other pics of this era! Our photographer, Jai Girard, was absolutely fabulous, but digital and enhanced pictures were not all the rage. These photos are the work of an amazing photographer who was everywhere, but nowhere capturing every precious moment. And, we were in fact given every single negative, to keep forever. Jai, you really are the bomb!

But, back to the anniversary. Not only have we been married for 13 years, but Matt and I have been a couple for 18. Which also means we are 18 years younger, right? Wow, I am speechless. In some ways it feels like just yesterday we went out on our first date. But on other days, it feels like a lifetime ago, when it was just the two of us. I wouldn’t change a thing (well, maybe would like to just delete a few moments in time), but honestly, I can’t imagine my life without him. He is my best friend, my confidant, my soul mate and sometimes the biggest thorn in my side, but his creativity, strength, determination, fortitude and loyalty is what makes him not only a wonderful husband but a loving father. Cheers baby to 13 years!

As I look back on our wedding day, it was more than just the custom gown, the fresh peonies and stunning, historic Dewes Mansion; it was an intimate party with our closest friends and family celebrating our love for each other. And my friends, it was rockin’ party, if I may say so myself! A few tears shed, lots of love and tons of laughter! So here’s to a lifetime of “Chique” memories. Love you, baby!

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