Our “Chique” Week in Pictures

I can’t believe another week has gone by, where does the time go? They say time flies when you are having fun. Who are they, anyway? But, as I am nearly a week away from celebrating another birthday time is of the essence. I think this year I will start counting backwards as I still feel 23 at heart, but clearly way beyond my 20’s. I digress, so here it is a glimpse of our week in pics.

The weather perked up this week as the sun was shining almost every day, the boys picked us some gorgeous wildflowers and our strawberries have become as red as the VW Bus I saw in Hyde Park. Talk about time warp, I felt like I had been flashed back to the 60’s. I must say having boys under 10 keeps you young, but it is comments like this that really make my day. PJ exclaims “Is that a picture of you on your shirt?”. I was a bit confused and then realized I was wearing my Audrey Hepburn Target tee. I immediately chuckled and said “No, it’s a famous actress”.  He turned to me and said “You’re famous!?”  I wondered to myself if maybe it was the sunnies, either that or PJ needs to go to the eye doctor.  Regardless, I took the compliment gracefully.  I only wish I were as “Chique” as Audrey.  Have a great weekend…..

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