Our “Chique” Week in Pictures

On top of a crazy, busy week, Parker wasn’t the only one sick as both my laptop and the desktop were infected with some nasty virus. Being offline for a few days felt liberating, but ultimately I missed it. Thanks to our “in house” technical support, my computers are working again and luckily Parker is feeling better too!

In between the usual running around, I have been trying to document the days in pictures, so here is a glimpse of our week. A few seasonal storms swept over the city bringing lots of rain, lush scenes of green and tons of butterflies. We rediscovered some of our favorite local bookstores, watched movies, read poetry and drank smoothies.

Has anyone ever heard of an Anoles? Parker’s class has 12 of them as part of a school science project. They asked if we wanted Parker to adopt his and bring it home? You can imagine our answer, right? Not sure if Beagles like to eat Anoles, but we certainly don’t want to find out first hand.

Off to enjoy our Sunday. Until next time, stay “Chique”.

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