Our Semi “Chique” Valentines

Well my friends, I had big plans for fabulous DIY yarn heart Valentines for the boys school friends, but life just got in the way this year. We have spent the last 2 weekends at the pool for swim meets, so our free time together has been limited. I wouldn’t change it for the world, as both boys are excelling in their own right, but it just means we needed to shift gears for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. Plan b it was and I am ok with it, promise!

As you know from last year, we hit a home run with our origami hearts and melted crayon craft, so instead we opted for candy and homemade heart cards. Still not a complete miss, but not a showcase of a project.

But, the paper we used for the Valentines is worth a post on it’s own. Do you remember the┬ámarbled┬ápaper I posted on Instagram last month? Well, if not here it is. Our lovely friend Suzanne helped us create the most gorgeous, vibrant homemade marbled paper at family day hosted by the HPAC. If you have never done it, add it to your list, my friends, as the results are beyond cool. More details on how to marble paper here. We are planning to frame some of our favorites, but we had nearly 20 pieces of unique paper just waiting to be used.


Perfect, plan b. The boys traced hearts from a cardboard template, cut them out, personalized them and carefully tied the hearts to mini candy of their choice. Win, win, really. Since their friends are really more interested in the chocolate than the presentation, I wasn’t so worried that they didn’t pass the “Chique” inspection. On the other hand, the paper hearts were beyond “Chique”. Not sure most 1st and 4th graders will notice, but I couldn’t just let the candy go on it’s own, right?



How crafty were your Valentines this year? Please share your “Chique” secrets.

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