“Chique” Fitness Tip: Martial Arts in Hyde Park

In less than 5 days after receiving the bad news that LA Fitness had bought out Bally’s; eliminating a vibrant Tae Kwon Do program for kids; leaving hundreds of students without a practice or dojo, we turned it around!  With the support of Marylee Bussard of Chaturanga Holistic Fitness and Master Asad Umrani we have now started our own community Martial Arts movement.  Please join us on Saturday, Dec 3rd from 3 to 5 at Chaturanga to meet Master Asad and sign up for classes.  All belts welcome Monday through Thursday and Saturday.  My mother always said “Out of something bad comes something good”. This was meant to be; so grateful knowing these dedicated, hardworking girls and boys can continue to build self esteem, confidence and strength at their new “dojo”.

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