Scenes from our “Chique” Celebration

Despite not having a tree this year, we were able to keep the spirit of Christmas alive at the Nolans. Even Santa paid us a visit! It is amazing how few simple presents, lights and music will set the stage. And, thank you to all our friends and family for the generous gifts. We are truly grateful and blessed.

As the boys grow older the morning festivities begin a little later. This year, we slept in, spent the day sipping coffee, devouring donuts, opening gifts and relaxing. The perfect start to the celebration.

Later in the evening, I put on my fancy pants and away we went to Christmas dinner at our dear friends’ home. As always, the celebration was beyond “Chique”. The company was super, the food was out of this world and the decor carried us into a winter wonderland. After indulging in a little vino and the decadent desserts we were ready for a Christmas slumber. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

How did you spend your holiday?

Christmas 2013





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