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Happy September, friends. Sorry for my distinct absence, but we were away during the last part of the summer and we vowed to unplug. I wish I could say I missed you, but really? Lounging in the sun, sand, surf and salty air with my family in paradise. Not so much. I wouldn’t have given it up for the world.

So, now we are back to the city feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the next adventure called life. I think the boys adjusted pretty well as they went straight back into the early am wake up calls, school schedule and swimming craziness without a blink. On the other hand, I am having a harder time facing reality. Yesterday, was the first time I have worn jeans in weeks. Cutoffs, a bikini and birks were my summer staples. In fact, I may be in my birks until it snows!

But, I must admit, as much as I love summer, saying farewell to the hot and humid days means we are making way for the fall crisp, cooler days, which I happen to adore even more!

And what better way to kick off a fall blog post than with two of my favorite brands: Free People and Little Pieces of Hope. I can’t get enough of either! I love the feminine feel of this “Intimately Free People” top, but to give it an edge for daytime, I wore it with my faux leather vest. And can we talk about this rosary chain spike necklace from my new favorite jewelry line, Little Pieces of Hope? I haven’t taken it off since it arrived.

You may remember my fabulous skull ring from her collection here. I love that Ceci has a vision and that she gives back to those in need. Not only does she have impeccable taste, but proceeds go back to charity. Win, win.

I am so astonished by the amazing brands I discover via Instagram and social media. Oh, how our lives have changed for the better. We are so fortunate to have this incredible, supportive on line community! Another reason to celebrate. So, don’t wait, go shop the Running Wild collection here. You won’t be sorry, it is simply “Chique”!

Little Pieces of Hope

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