“Chique” Tip: Bridal Day Brilliance

Wedding season is in full gear and as we just celebrated our 12thwedding anniversary I have spent a lot of time recently, reflecting upon our beautiful day. I am proud to say that even after more than a decade, I look back at our photos and they are not screaming 1999. Styles change, trends come and go but when it comes to weddings I think it is important to remain classic. Otherwise you risk the chance of capturing the look of the moment. I also think brides make the mistake of trying to be someone they are not on their special day.

Are you engaged to be married?

Do you need help trying to determine your perfect wedding image?

Wedding planners can help you negotiate, plan and prepare for your celebration but they are not experts on personal style. It is important to have your chosen “theme” carried out not only on invitations, venue and décor but for your gown, hair and makeup. A personal stylist can help you look extraordinary. Your theme, lifestyle, personal body shape and fashion sense are so important when picking out a wedding gown. You want to be your best on your wedding day but that doesn’t mean you should look like someone else. Your gown should reflect your personal style; your hair should be more formal than everyday but not extravagant; your makeup should be professionally done but not over done! Unfortunately, I see a lot of brides who mistakenly think that everything should be extreme in order to portray the fairy tale wedding image that they always dreamed of when they were young.

What about your bridesmaids?

Are they all the same shape and size?

There are ways to incorporate current trends and elegance into your wedding without going overboard. A dress that looks great on one friend may not be appropriate for another. Have you ever considered letting the bridesmaids dress for their body in a similar color? There is not a rule that says everyone has to wear the same exact silhouette. In fact, on our wedding day, I asked my bridesmaids to wear their favorite formal black dress. They were ecstatic because each of them felt comfortable, stylish and elegant for the black tie event. And guess what, they continue to wear that same dress over and over again because it is gorgeous cocktail attire!

Have you ever considered hiring a stylist for you and your bridesmaids to bring out the everyone’s inner brilliance? There are certain etiquette rules to follow yet, when it comes to fashion there are no rules. The golden rule is to be your best!

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