The “Chique” Art of Giving

What’s better than finding the perfect present for that special someone? Nothing, right? Of course, as kids we loved receiving gifts, but my mom always taught us that giving was just as important if not more so. From a young age, we have tried to instill this same lesson in our boys. I know someday their loved ones will appreciate it too!

Lucky for me, this time, I was on the receiving end. Thanks Mom for my early Christmas gifts. As you may know, I was never very good at waiting. So today, I wore my treasures. And feeling grateful, my friends.

What is the best gift you have ever given? Tis the season to embrace the “Chique” art of giving.



The art of giving

Find the coveted Sienna sweater from The Oxford Trunk here and this amazing one of a kind Buffalo skull ring from Little Pieces of Hope here. And it gets even better. Little Pieces of Hope is a socially driven company where proceeds are donated to a variety of charities in need. Now that is “Chique”. Shop now, guilt free and give back at the same time!

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  1. Love this sweater! Do you know the brand it is? I have been waiting for The Oxford Trunk to restock it but have had no luck! I might try googling the brand to see if it is sold anywhere else! It is too die for!!

  2. Jacqueline…I know, I waited for a bit, but glad they restocked the size I needed. I will send you the brand name once I check it! xo

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