The “Chique” Art of Giving

My mother always told me that sometimes the best gifts are those that you give rather than those you receive. Last week a sorority sister of mine, Margaux Drake, of
Heaven On Earth-Home, asked me to help celebrate her daughter, Ellie’s, 14th Birthday with a “Chique” Chicago Shopping Extravaganza. How could I ever pass up the opportunity to give the gift of style to a future fashionista?

But, Ellie isn’t your typical teenager. Not only is she gorgeous, smart and athletic, but she’s a truly kindhearted young woman with a great eye for style with just the perfect dose self confidence to pull it all off! I was just there to lead the charge as she knew what she wanted to finish her look!


First, we fueled up with a little coffee and a big doughnut from Glazed and Infused, while we studied Ellie’s pre-profile questionnaire. All this before we took over Bucktown.


First, we hit the Buffalo Exchange on Milwaukee. If you haven’t been, it is a must. Be prepared to dig, but boy did we score. Not only did we find some amazing bargains, but some fabulous treasures that Ellie will love for years.

We scored @BuffaloExchange

Then we ventured over to Free People, Urban Outfitters and finally Akira for the perfect pair of studded combat boots. Gotta love girls who aren’t afraid to power shop! And better yet, it’s my job. I am one lucky girl.


Working with Ellie & Margaux was a dream. It was more than just shopping for cute clothes. It was a journey to help Ellie bring out her inner brilliance and a memorable mother-daughter celebration! I feel honored to have been a part of such a special day.


Happy Birthday Ellie! I know you will feel empowered to do whatever her heart desires on your “Chique” journey through life. Oh, how I love to give the gift of “Chiqueness”.


P.S. It helps to have a fellow blogger play photographer. Thanks Margaux for documenting Ellie’s “Chique” Chicago Birthday! How will we top it next year?

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  1. What an AMAZINGLY “Chique” day! I would highly recommend Erika’s personal style consulting. It’s so much more than “what color do you like”. She digs beneith the surface, discovers the true you then teaches you how to convey that person in a way that compliments your shape. Plus, she’s not afraid to dive into the vintage clothing shops too, which can be much more cost effective! Ellie had a BLAST. I’m next!!! XO

  2. @margaux, just wait…we are going to have a blast sista. But for you I must come to MI so we can do your closet first!!!

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