The “Chique” Simple Life

Wow, after nearly a month of unplugging, I am not sure I can find the plug let alone the outlet. Taking time away to recharge is bittersweet.  As effortless as it was for us to fall into island time, it has not been a smooth transition getting back into the swing of things. At least for me. The kids, they seem fine. Off to school they went, running with smiles and wide eyes, ready to soak it all up.  Me, on the other hand, I haven’t taken one yoga class, still donning cut offs (sans bikini), no mascara and I have yet to meet one client.

We hadn’t traveled for real vacation in over a year and were desperate for some quality time as a family in a place where we did not program ourselves or plan too much.  With nearly a month in paradise, where the biggest decision for me was what bathing suit to wear, I must say for the first time ever I have had a paradigm shift. I think I could actually live on the island.  I know, I am putting that in writing so it makes it more concrete, but honestly, sometimes the simple life is more appealing than all the hustle and bustle of the city. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly an urban creature, yet there is this amazing sense of calm while living in paradise.  We didn’t turn on the TV, the computer & iPad were played a very limited amount of time and all we did was enjoy the sun, sand & surf.

We spent our days simply. We observed the wildlife, we played board games, the boys learned how to surf, we swam, built sand castles, the boys fished, we took out our friend’s Hobie Cat for a few sails, we walked on the beach, we found treasures, we met for drinks at sunset, we walked to dinner on the beach. We just hung out. We used sunscreen, but we felt sun kissed. We just lived and time moved slowly. No schedule, no pressure and no stress. People do live on Anna Maria and have for years. Could we manage? That is the big question. Matt could write. I could teach Pilates. The boys could surf. Would we get bored? We have made friends, we know the locals, but it is a drastic change. Could you live the “Chique” simple life?

Well, in the meantime, we are back to reality, facing the pressures of real life like my unpaid parking tickets, Matt’s looming deadline and other such stuff, but ultimately feeling blessed and grateful that we were able to take this time as a family to recharge, rest & rejuvenate.  Until next time, here is a glimpse of our paradise.  Boy do I miss those lazy days on the beach.  And those sunsets, oh how super “Chique”.

P.S. For those of you following me on Instagram or Facebook, sorry these pics are duplicates, but nonetheless, some of my favorites!  Hard to pick the best out of nearly 2500 pics.

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