The “Chique” & Simple Weekend

Yes, friends, I know it is already Wednesday and I am just getting around to posting scenes from our weekend. I will blame it on island time, I am still living in slow motion. On the other hand, you will be happy to know that I have finally given up the cut off shorts, but haven’t yet braved the mascara. That day will come soon enough, as later in the month, I will be working at the Mart for nearly 9 days straight for the Bridal market & Gold Coast Fashion Show. Therefore, until then, I will continue to go sans mascara.

So, back to my attempt on keeping things simple. This past Sat & Sun was our first weekend after a busy, yet short week of “back to school”. I wanted to make sure the boys had time to just hang, read, play Lego and unwind. That is exactly what we did, but even with a few outings peppered into the weekend it still felt mellow. A long overdue trip to the Zoo, pizza delivered, movies watched, banana bread baked, large vat of homemade Vodka sauce cooked and last, but not least an epic trip to the beach to fly kites. Sunday was the most amazing day for kite flying! Blue skies, fluffy clouds, cool temps and tons of wind.

I must say I am also enjoying my GorillaPod (thanks Greeny), which is made to screw into a camera, but still versatile enough to rest my phone on for family pics using the timer cam app on Android. So, not only did we have the perfect simple “Chique” weekend, but I was able to document it the old fashion way, with group pics!

Now, if only I could get around to printing some of our photos. How novel would that be my friends? About as novel as us trying to slow down and appreciate the simple things. We are making a grand attempt and will hold on to the feeling as long as possible!

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