The Food Truck Funk

I am not going to sugar coat it.  Today, I was in a funk.  Not sure what caused this state of mind.  It could have been the two hours I wasted and will never get back arguing with the T-Mobile people who messed up my account, royally.  Or the simple fact that in 4 days, my two not so little boys will be on a plane on their way to London for a once in a lifetime journey to the Olympic games, without us.  It also could have been the Monday blues. But, it is Summer, every day is Saturday and every night is Friday. Well not exactly, right?

Regardless, I got through the day without harming myself or anyone in my path.  I chalked it up to just one of those days.  Then on our usual evening walk with the dogs we came across the “EAT WAGON”. A cool matte black & red, run down food truck bearing the word that served as my nickname (Erika Ann Turrigiano, aka EAT) for almost 30 years.  Well, until the day we got married.  I then became EATN, funny huh? I know it is not that entertaining for most of you, except to us Turrigiano’s, who are still quit fond of all our intitials.  We were in fact the “PET CAT EAT HAT” family for all those years.  Seriously, those were our initials and known to be monogrammed on many items.

Well, I digress, but since the food truck industry is at it’s peak in Chicago, I will anxiously await to see what deliciousness is served, if any, from my honorary “EAT WAGON”.  And at least it got me out of my funk, which was not so very “Chique”.   How was your day?

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