“Chique” Tip: The Power of Color

As the days get shorter and the dreary weather arrives do not underestimate the power of color to give you a lift. Just like a fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten up your home an accent of color in your wardrobe will do the same for your mood. The upside is that the runways were filled with color for Fall ‘11 so there are numerous fashionable items to choose from without having to search too hard. The trend reports for this season call for shots of golden rod yellow, rustic red and jade green so give yourself an energy boost by adding a burst of color to your wardrobe.

  • Are you unsure of what colors look good with your complexion?
  • Are you stuck in a rut, wearing the usual neutrals?

Even as a stylist, I find myself wearing too much black. The other day I wore a fabulous tangerine ruffle top and I was shocked at all the compliments I received. So even I need to be better about wearing color! At Holobi our belief is that wearing the right color can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. The simplest rule of color profiling without conducting a full analysis is to observe the variations in your hair, eye or skin color. Those natural accents are a perfect complement to your complexion. Wearing the right color will brighten your entire look making you look healthier, younger and more confident. Wearing the wrong color will create dark shadows on your face and make you look tired, sallow or drawn out.

So next time you need a quick pick me up, grab for a splash of color. Try a great yellow trench, a fantastic green handbag or maybe even a pair of red penny loafer pumps. If you are still feeling blue, contact me for some inspiration!
Until next time, find your style.

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