“UnChique” Tip: The Weed that Almost Got me Arrested!

And this weed, is definitely not worth a night in jail.  It is not medicinal, nor endangered, and it’s actually in the carrot family, yet the park district security guard told me I could be arrested for stealing weeds. I get nervous when I see a meter maid so I am the last one to break the law.  But, I remember, like it was yesterday taking a walk at the cottage in Michigan when my mom would pick her favorite summertime flower, Queen Anne’s Lace.  Now, nearly 30 years later, why would I assume it is illegal to help myself to roadside wildflowers?  I do understand that if every one took the flowers from the prairie, it simply would not survive.  So next time, while strolling the beach side field, I promise not to take the weeds.  Ironically, I just spotted a bunch of Queen Anne’s Lace growing in the abandoned lot nearby.  Dare me?


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