Tons of Green “ChiqueNess”

I am “Green” with envy these days. It seems that everywhere I look, I am salivating over the gorgeous green hues. I am attracted to this bright fresh color, in everything from art to handbags, but ironically, I don’t own anything green. I guess that means it is time to start shopping. What do you think? What color are you drawn to this Spring? I am loving…

This watercolor by Sonia Delaunay painted in 1924 is amazing. So modern and “Chique” for the early 1900’s.

These Chrissie Morris shoes are way out of my league, but a girl can always dream, right?

Again, champagne taste on a beer budget, but this Fendi Daisy Clutch bag is perfection.

I love the hint of animal print with the emerald green denim; so contemporary & “Chique”

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