Vintage “Chique”

My apologies for being an absent blogger. I have been out of touch with the “blogosphere”, since for the last seven days I have been living in the Mercandise Mart for Stylemax & Bridal. Two very important, well attended markets all happening simultaneously makes for a crazy week as a freelance stylist. As some of you know, the Mart is so big it has it’s very own zip code! The footprint spans two city blocks and we were walking end to end constantly for 7 days. Next time, I will wear a digital pedometer, so I can report back to you how many steps or miles I walk during market. I can tell you I am certainly due for a pedicure!

But, just when I think my job of prepping, selling, pulling, lining up and styling the show is difficult, I see what the apparel reps have to do in different cities week after week during peak season. It exhausts me just too watch the vendors miraculously transform an empty white shell into a gorgeous eye catching showroom all for just three days. They work tirelessly to unpack every item, create a warm inviting space for the buyers, then turn around, touch it all again to ship it to the next destination. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it and remain sane. But, it is all for good business and I give them tons of credit. One of my favorite, quintessentially “English” brands from London, Darling, always has the most gorgeous booth, so they deserve a little “shout” out.

Darling’s vintage inspired garments are perfectly paired with white washed furniture, antique plates, old books, rose topiary and a spattering of other flea market finds. Even the cupcakes are sprinkled with confetti. Again, it’s all about the details. In this case, it truly sets them apart from all the rest, very vintage “Chique”.

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