“Chique” Tip: Buy Quality not Quantity

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop and I love a bargain.  I grew up in retail and for most of my adult life I received an employee discount, so I don’t like to pay full price.  Nowadays, it is not necessary to be extravagant.  In fact, I think being socially responsible during these tough economic times is important.  We want to reuse and recycle as much as possible. We need to teach our children the value of money and be less wasteful.  However, these lessons can also be applied to fashion.

Buy vintage, shop resale stores, use Ebay. These are just a few examples of how to adjust your spending habits. But even better yet, go shopping in your own closet, you may be surprised what you find. I am on a serious budget these days but I still love to dress up for a special occasion.  I recently went through my old clothes in preparation for a holiday party.  I hadn’t tried on these particular pants in years, but because they were a high quality vendor they were still in great shape.

I probably would not have bought these for myself but at the time, back in 2000, when my husband went to the Venice Film Festival without me because I had to work, it was a guilt gift.  He departed with me saying “Have fun, be safe baby & bring me home something special!” He still remembers like it was yesterday walking into the Gucci store in San Marco to buy me a present.  The sales associates were all dressed to perfection, extremely helpful, gracious and made his shopping experience effortless.  It wasn’t an easy feat because I was absent and the European size conversion is confusing so when he came home with the most fabulous pair of Gucci leather trousers that fit me like they were made for me, it was unbelievable!  A gift to be treasured, forever; more than the little “something special” I had asked for as he was boarding.

So last weekend, I pulled them out of their garment bag and slipped them on as effortlessly as they were purchased over 11 years ago. These pants are so soft, so comfortable and still so stylish yet considered vintage, right?  They are a classic fit with a modified boot leg so they don’t appear too trendy.  I am not one to spend excessively but after all these years the moral of the story is to buy quality not quantity.

Wondering when I can wear them again, Christmas, New Years? There will definitely be a fitting occasion!  So next time you think you have nothing to wear, be creative, alter something old and make it new again, go consignment shopping, but make each purchase count!

Until next time, find your style.


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