Weekend “ChiqueNess”

We have been busy over here at the Nolan house. I am apologizing now for my lack of posts as we are heading into seasonal madness: 3 birthdays, 3 major holidays all within 3 months. Time for me to put on my roller skates, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am definitely of the mind set that keeping it simple is best. No gigantic kid filled parties, just meaningful family celebrations. Making memories doesn’t have to be chaotic, right?

Our last few days were filled with cupcakes, concerts and costumes.  PJ was showered with lots of fantastic gifts, so thank you to all our family for making him feel special on his 7th birthday. We then enjoyed our first party with our new swim team, which was fantastic. Did you know that pumpkins float?

Saturday was filled with spookiness as we were treated to a concert at Symphony Hall called “Hallowed Haunts” with the Orchestra of Doom.  The Civic Orchestra of Chicago performed some amazing pieces and wove in a haunted tale into the music to keep the kids entertained. Such a fantastic day of festive culture. Thanks Greeny!

We then wrapped up our day by checking in to the Haunted Hotel in Hyde Park (a.k.a. The McClennans) for an over the top Halloween party for the whole family. I brought out my favorite witch hat, but found a faux leather Hello Kitty mini skirt at Target, that I couldn’t resist.  Just the “ChiqueNess” I needed to complete my costume.

I was accompanied to the party by my bodyguard, a very scary Mummy and a fierce Ninja.  What better way to spend a Saturday night than with Elvis, Marilyn and a family of Vikings sipping Spiced Cider and Sangria.

We spent Sunday resting, relaxing and recouping from all the excitement.  Cheers to a “Chique” weekend.  I hope your weekend was splendid as well.

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